Corporate Background

Harvey Lindsay, Jr.Our company's heritage began with one man who possessed a great real estate mind combined with enormous imagination-Harvey Lindsay, Sr. He started in the real estate business in 1919 with the firm of Furr & Lindsay, which later became Furr, Lindsay & Gray. During the early years, the firm dealt primarily in residential sales, rentals and residential development. In 1935, Harvey Lindsay, Sr. formed his own company, continuing his work in residential sales and development. His well-earned reputation for integrity and fairness along with a bold and innovative approach to real estate marketing enabled him to prosper through the era of the Great Depression. Soon after World War II, he began to devote more attention to the commercial real estate business, and although a one man operation, was responsible for negotiating many outstanding commercial real estate transactions.

In 1954, Harvey Lindsay, Jr. joined his father in the business. During this time, the transition was completed from residential real estate to the sale, leasing and management of commercial properties exclusively. The company also became involved in retail development. In the 1960's, Harvey Lindsay, Jr. played a major role in developing Military Circle Mall. Throughout the next two decades, he was involved in developing several retail shopping centers and office buildings. In the 1980's, Harvey Lindsay, Jr. was involved in two major projects to revitalize the downtown Norfolk area: The Waterside and Dominion Tower. Today, the company, under the leadership of Harvey Lindsay, Jr., continues the work in the real estate industry that Mr. Lindsay, Sr., began in 1919, with the same dedication and innovation.

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